Murky Skies

Cineshoots: Aerial Filming for the Documentary “Murky Skies” about the Bijlmer Plane Crash Disaster

Cineshoots has an impressive portfolio where they provided aerial filming for various projects. One notable example is the three-part documentary “Murky Skies” about the Bijlmer plane crash disaster. Using the Inspire 2 and FPV drones, Cineshoots captured a range of shots to help tell the story. From low-level aerial shots to high-altitude views of the disaster site, including a recreation of the crash with an FPV drone!

The Bijlmer Plane Crash: A Dark Incident

The Bijlmer plane crash is known as one of the biggest aviation accidents in Dutch history. On October 4, 1992, a cargo plane crashed into the flats in the Bijlmermeer, a residential area in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. This tragedy has left deep scars in the hearts of many.

Aerial Filming that Tells the Story

For the documentary “Murky Skies,” Cineshoots aimed to provide viewers with an immersive experience. Using the Inspire 2 drone, they captured breathtaking aerial shots of the disaster site. These shots truly bring the magnitude of the tragedy to life and offer viewers a unique perspective.

Unprecedented Precision with FPV Drones

To accurately reconstruct the plane crash, Cineshoots utilized FPV drones. With these drones, they were able to capture detailed footage and give viewers a sense of realism. The FPV drone flew through the air, simulating the airplane crash events in a way that was not previously possible. The result is an overwhelming viewing experience that engages the audience in the story.

A Masterpiece of Story and Visuals

With Cineshoots’ aerial filming and drone footage, the documentary “Murky Skies” has reached a new dimension. The combination of storytelling and visual splendor has deeply touched viewers and taken them on an emotional journey. Cineshoots has proven to be masters not only in their technical skills but also in storytelling.

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With Cineshoots’ aerial shots, the documentary “Murky Skies” truly comes to life. Experience the impressive visuals and immerse yourself in the story of the Bijlmer plane crash. Cineshoots, the partner for your aerial filming needs!

Project Details

Client : Noam Pinchas
Date : 05/23/2022
Skills : Aerial video, TV Series, FPV
Address : https://www.noam-pinchas.com/

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