Dutch / Europe drone rules

Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Operator Certificate (ROC)

Every drone pilot must adhere to air traffic rules and strict safety requirements. Cineshoots is aware of and always works by following the Dutch / European drone law and regulations for flying with drones. Thanks to our complete ROC (Remote Operator Certificate) we are allowed to do more with our drones than most drone pilots and drone companies. When needed, we can request exemptions for special situations like flying at night, so please always contact us to ask what is possible and what not!

In the Netherlands our company is allowed to fly:

  • Within 25 meters from persons or buildings on a professional filmset (Also in congested areas when flying location has been closed to non filmset members).
  • EVLOS and FPV missions!
  • In civil and military CTR’s, including Schiphol and other airports
  • Within 25 meters of objects, Ships, vehicle(traffic), Railways etc.
  • Within 25 meters horizontal distance of the congested areas of cities, towns or settlements.
  • Above roads with a speed of <80 km/h
  • Up to a maximum of 120 meters high and 500 meters far, Always within the pilot’s eye sight.
  • And more … see exemptions below!

Cineshoots’s drone company license is registered by the Dutch government under ROC 89 2019 V3:

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