Flikken Rotterdam 26 October 2021

For the first time ever in the long history of the Flikken TV (NPO) series they used drone footage to give the story an extra dimension, Cineshoots is proud to tell you we did all drone shots for Flikken Rotterdam!

Expedition Robinson 2021 6 October 2021

In cooperation with Skylynx productions we are proud to tell we did all FPV footage for the new series of Expedition Robinson (Survivor)!

Hollands Hoop 7 February 2020

Cineshoots did all the drone shots of the last season of Hollands hoop!

Netflix – Our planet 25 August 2019

Cineshoots is proud to be asked by Netflix to film the greenhouses in Westland, The Netherlands. You can view the footage at: https://www.ourplanet.com/en/video/how-to-save-our-grasslands/ (5:55)

De 12 van Oldenheim 2 March 2018

Cine Shoots did supply and fly the prop drone in the new Videoland serie “De 12 van Oldenheim” produced by EndemolShine Nederland. Watch it at: www.videoland.com/nl/titels/de-12-van-oldenheim/ (Picture by: TFCM)

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