Morpheus debut EP

Amsterdam-based singer Morpheus brings the ‘chanson’ back to life – but in a contemporary form

Morpheus, a singer-songwriter from Amsterdam, has made all the drone footage for his latest music video with the help of Cineshoots. Special custom micro-drones with added LED lights were used, resulting in a breathtaking visual experience.

From Grief to Inspiration

After the unexpected passing of his mother, Morpheus decided to transform this impactful experience into strength and wisdom. The loss of his mother has shown him the importance of celebrating life and creating a magical world to escape to, especially during dark times. His music is inspired by the chansons of Charles Aznavour and the imaginative songwriting of Kate Bush.

Real Stories and Genuine Emotions

This project is not about flashy music production or following the latest trends. It is about telling real stories with powerful, heartfelt vocals. The song “Morphosis” was recorded at home in the living room, capturing both the sound of the mechanical piano and every breath in his voice in just one take. For Morpheus, music is not about perfection. It’s about making people feel like they are together in the same room, experiencing the thoughts and emotions that everyone has at some point in life.

Profound Meaning in a Superficial Industry

This year will be the year when Morpheus shares his music full of profound meaning with the world. A rarity that is rarely found in today’s music industry. His music takes listeners on an emotional journey, with every note and every word filled with sincerity and significance. Morpheus invites the audience to be part of his artistic vision and discover the depth of his musical creations.

A Visual Masterpiece

The collaboration with Cineshoots has added a unique visual dimension to Morpheus’ music video. The footage captured with the custom micro-drones, equipped with LED lights, has created an enchanting aesthetic. The visuals take the viewers on a mesmerizing journey through the music, effectively conveying the message of the song.

A Year of Meaningful Music

With his latest project, “Morphosis,” Morpheus proves that true music knows no boundaries. His profound lyrics and powerful voice touch the hearts of listeners, while the visual beauty of the music video adds an extra layer of enchantment. This year will be the year when Morpheus shares his music with the world and makes a lasting impact in the music industry.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of Morpheus and experience the power of genuine music that comes straight from the heart.

Project Details

Client : Jip Mus
Date : 10/27/2022
Skills : Aerial video, FPV
Address : https://jipmus.nl/

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