Drone show for Ukraine

Cineshoots shot all aerial footage for this special Studio Drift production!

During our first design call with president Zelensky’s team, a missile hits in the building next to them. The horrors of this war surround them everywhere at all time. We are humbled to have worked on the creation for this show with these brave people that are fighting for their country and we are loud when we ask everyone to Stand with them! – @ralphnauta

Today and tomorrow the meeting in Lugano takes place, to create a road map for Ukraine towards peace. Leading up to this conference the team of Zelensky designed this drone performance to ask the world to ‘STAND BY US’. In the performance, the flying bird that symbolises freedom is being destroyed…

Project Details

Client : Dronestories
Date : 07/01/2022
Skills : Aerial video, Video productions
Address : https://www.dronestories.com/

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