A Corona love story 21 March 2021

Cineshoots is proud to tell we done the third McDonald’s commercial, this time in Amsterdam filmed during the night while the evening clock was active, lots of preplanning was needed and we like to thank Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport (ILT) for allowing this awesome aerial shot!

Lidl summer commercial 2020 18 May 2020

CineShoots made all the “crane shots” for the new Lidl commercial using a drone! This saves a lot of time and money!

De Volksbank 7 February 2020

And another commercial with drone shots from CineShoots! The final shot was made from 2 different takes because there were only 4 benches and they were later assembled to form the O of the Volksbank. This requires perfect synchronization between the drone pilot and the cam operator! This is why we always fly with 2 persons next to safety it als helps making very difficult shots perfect and faster!

Vattenfall green energy 30 October 2019

Cineshoots is proud to show you 4 videos we did drone shots for also the dolly and crane shots where made by us and our drone. The series is about green energy by Vattenfall.

Madurodam Commercials 2019 3 August 2019

Cineshoots did fly above the tiniest country on the planet, for the new 2019 www.madurodam.nl TV Commercials.

PLUS Christmas commercial 2018 6 December 2018

Cineshoots was asked to make the opening shot for the new PLUS Christmas commercial. There was wind force 9 and there was no snow, our aerial images are as always of top quality so that post-production can make a whole winter landscape from it!

McDonald’s for You 5 July 2018

Cineshoots did deliver the aerial shots for the new McDonnalds social media campaign.

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