Enexis TVC 26 June 2023

Cineshoots – Drone Footage for the New Enexis Commercial: We Are Proud of Our People! Building the Energy System of the Future At Enexis, we are facing one of the greatest challenges of our time: building the energy system of the future. Our mission is to ensure that there is and remains energy for everyone. This task may seem impossible, but we believe it is achievable. Together with you, we can take on this challenge! Whether you are technically inclined…

Welcome to the club 22 June 2023

In the exciting world of television commercials, it is important to create innovative and immersive visuals that capture the audience’s attention. And a company that excels in this is Cineshoots with their impressive drone shots. In this article, we will discover how Cineshoots, using their advanced drone technologies, follows a golf ball for the new TV commercial for Golf.nl. Cineshoots: Masters of Drone Shots Cineshoots is a pioneer in capturing stunning aerial footage using drones. They have established themselves as…

Fair is fair 22 June 2023

Cineshoots: The Perfect Choice for Breathtaking FPV Drone Shots in TV Commercials If you are looking for stunning FPV drone shots for your next TV commercial, Cineshoots is the ultimate choice. Recently, Cineshoots provided the FPV drone shots for the new TV commercial of Consumentenbond, showcasing their mastery in capturing breathtaking shots. With their impressive FPV Komodo drop shot in the dark filmed at CTR Schiphol (Zuid as – @amsterdam), Cineshoots has exceeded expectations and created a masterpiece that captures…

Sam & Sophie 12 October 2022

Een nieuwbouwproject onder de aandacht brengen terwijl het nog niet is gebouwd. Say whut? Met heel veel plezier de campagnevideo voor BPD Gebiedsontwikkeling gemaakt, door de ogen van Sam&Sophie. Sam-en-sophie.nl Samen met: Concept: MIX – Advertising, Branding & Business Concepts Regie: Joy Heijstee Copy: Joy Heijstee & Noa Maas DOP: Oscar Aukes Drone: Matthijs van der Velden CineShoots Productie: Natasha Hendriks & Emeline Bakker & Isabel Kemme Edit: Werner Walthuis Sound: Freek Vrijhof Voice-over: Scarlett D. & Pieter Verhulst Grade:…

Hornbach Viral 25 September 2022

Cineshoots did most of the drone shots for the new viral social media campaign from Hornbach!

Interparking Scheveningen 14 September 2022

Cineshoots provided all drone footgage for the new Interparking Scheveningen boulevard promo video.

Texel op z’n Texels 23 August 2022

After a short introduction earlier this year, during which people got to know the Texel lighthouse and the ‘Op z’n Texels’ campaign was now unpacked with a TV commercial in a digital campaign. All with a clear campaign with a very local and individual character. Cheers! Aerials by Cineshoots!

Beekse Bergen 5 January 2022

Cineshoots did all aerial shots for the new TVC for the Beekse Bergen!

G-Star RAW – Sarah Lezito 4 January 2022

G-Star RAW and world champion stuntwoman Sarah Lezito: G-Forces united. Pushing the boundaries. 2 wheels, 1 engine, no limits. Just ride. Hardcore denim. Check out Sarah her channels for additional content youtube.com/lezitow instagram.com/sarahlezito tiktok.com/@sarah.lezito Drone footage by Cineshoots

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