Drone show for Ukraine 7 July 2022

Cineshoots shot all aerial footage for this special Studio Drift production! During our first design call with president Zelensky’s team, a missile hits in the building next to them. The horrors of this war surround them everywhere at all time. We are humbled to have worked on the creation for this show with these brave people that are fighting for their country and we are loud when we ask everyone to Stand with them! – @ralphnauta Today and tomorrow the meeting…

Franchise Freedom 6 October 2021

What is Franchise Freedom? “Franchise Freedom is a performative art installation by DRIFT exploring the relationship between man, nature, and technology. An autonomously flying swarm of hundreds of drones questions the human concept of freedom and social construct. It invites you to view a poetic side of technical innovation and connect back with nature. Based on a biological algorithm from over 10 years of research into starlings’ flight behavior, the artwork stretches boundaries between nature and technology and generates an…

Samsung Droneshow 6 October 2021

Unfold your world. This high-level drone show (by http://dronestories.show) in the starry sky of Amsterdam shows that the tech industry is thriving and that we at Samsung strive for the latest innovations. The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G are the start of a next level lifestyle for watch, work & play. They seamlessly meet the needs of users and enthusiasts of the Galaxy Z series. As always, Cineshoots took care of all the aerial footage!

DJ Brennan Heart – In The Fastlane 18 August 2021

We’re proud to present to you the ultimate livestream experience: ‘Brennan Heart – In The Fastlane’, from the F1 circuit of Zandvoort! Before events come back (covid 19) Brennan Heart really wanted to create something unique to connect online! Fast cars, loud music, and an epic location . Cineshoots took care of all Inspire 2 and FPV racedrone shots!

Boogie woogie now 4 February 2021

A light installation of 200 meters for the opening of the Rotterdamsebaan. Over the past few weeks, under the leadership of Director Schoch, we have worked hard on this very special project. For the opening of the new tunnel tube at our site at Binckhorst, which brings The Hague even closer to Rotterdam. Where we would have preferred to receive you physically in the tunnel, we have i.v.m. the well-known trouble a nice digital alternative. A virtual tour in 360…

NYE 2021 1 January 2021

It is 2021. Here you can watch the last spectacular minutes of the year that we would like to forget as soon as possible: the drone and light show above the center of Rotterdam. We worked long nights and did all aerial shots and RC led drones for @dronelightlabs, Studio Drift, Xinixfilms & Mothership with gloww ‘s amazing Robert-Jan Glas, directed by Ivan Barbosa. RT support by Skytools.

Iris van Herpen – Shift Souls 23 January 2019

CineShoots has filmed backstage and at the castings during the Paris Fashion week 2019 shift souls show of Iris van Herpen. Because of the completely harmless micro HD drones that where custom build for this purpose, we could get up close and personal with the models and the dresses! View this post on Instagram CineShoots tiny HD drone got captured by Vittorio. @irisvanherpen #vittoriozuninocelotto #gettyimages #irisvanherpen #hautecouture #pfw #drone @vittoriozuninocelotto @gettyimages @parisfashionweek A post shared by Cineshoots.com (@cineshoots) on Jan…

Facebook intro Postcode Loterij

Facebook intro Postcode Loterij 26 July 2018

One of the biggest lottery companies in the Netherlands “Postcode Loterij” has chosen us to shoot there Facebook intro video!

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